Teachers Know Best: What Educators Want from Digital Tools (2.0)

Monitors await students at Mr. Holmes's Aviation class

Since the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation began its Teachers Know Best research project in 2013, the work has been guided by a simple premise: No one knows how technology can and should be used in classrooms better than the teachers who put it to use every day.

This study of more than 3,100 teachers revisits key questions explored in the original Teachers Know Best report: how teachers use digital instructional tools in the classroom, as well as their attitudes towards technology and whether they believe existing digital tools are effective. As with the original report, research centered on consumer analytics and insight provides an opportunity to shift from anecdotes to a richer understanding of whether product developers are creating the digital tools that teachers want and need, as well as the extent to which school leaders are providing and supporting these tools in classrooms.

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(Infographic) What Teachers Want From Digital Tools

TKB Infographic What Teachers Want From Digital Tools