We have a passion for America’s public schools—a hunger to make each one of them excellent for every student.

This Passion Drives Our Work

While the nation’s high school graduation rate is at 83 percent, an all-time high, only 38 percent of students are leaving school with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they need to be prepared for the next step. This is particularly true for low-income students and students of color—11 percent of black students, 23 percent of Hispanic students, and 20 percent of low-income students.

Alongside our partners, we seek to dramatically expand access to a high-quality public education for all students.

We believe a high-quality public education includes high standards and expectations for students, matched with aligned tools and support for teachers, delivered in a personalized learning environment that meets student needs, strengths and interests.

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Our Team

While our backgrounds are diverse, we are united by an unyielding commitment to help improve our education system as well as a strong desire to see all students succeed.