Our Grantees

We invest in partners big and small, for- and not-for-profit, who are working to solve today’s toughest problems in K-12 education. Together, we seek to share knowledge and coordinate our efforts to transform education to ensure it benefits all our students—especially low-income students—enabling them to graduate ready for college or career. Our work is done primarily through our grantees, both new organizations and well established organizations, that have long-standing ties to the community-by working directly with students and teachers. We are committed to making strategic alliances with communities of color, unions and faith-based alliances as a critical component to advancing this work.

Generally, we invite proposals by contacting organizations directly. However, we do occasionally award grants through published Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or letters of inquiry. Please visit How We Work to learn more about our grant making process.

We are committed to the protection of student data,  click Stewardship Principles to Protect Student Data & Privacy for details.

Explore some of our grantees below, or click here for the full list of our K-12 Education grantees.