Where We Work

Educators are working in classrooms and schools across the country every day to ensure that students are prepared to succeed in college and career. We are dedicated to learning about – and then furthering – the policies, programs, and structures that most effectively support educators and students.

Over the past decade of our work in education, we have learned many lessons from our partners about what kinds of innovations are most likely to take root and flourish long beyond the life of our grants. For example, we have learned that teachers play a pivotal role not only in supporting peers to better prepare students for college and career success, but also in developing implementation strategies at the state, district, and school levels.

Additionally, we understand that local funders support the entire education community, so we work with them to provide support including networks of districts, ‘fast adopters’ who are willing to share with others, technical assistance providers, independent networks of teachers, as well as local advocacy organizations that can create lasting change.

Over the years, we have invested in states committed to rigorous academic standards, effective teaching, innovative approaches to learning – and the use of data to make progress toward ambitious goals. Each state varies in its approach, based on its local education and political landscape, but all are focused on high-need students and are supporting all teachers to deliver college-ready aligned instruction, and build the resources and support necessary to ensure sustainable improvement.