Charter Collaboration

Teacher and student

We are driven by the belief that the bond between a student and a teacher is at the heart of learning. Our work is focused on fostering environments where educators in traditional public schools and public charter schools can come together, share best practices and resources, and help each other address barriers to improving student outcomes.

As part of this, we have supported the creation of 21 district-charter compacts throughout the United States. These partnerships are committed to identifying ways to work together to increase the amount of students who graduate ready for college and career. This can include sharing expertise, benefiting from economies of scale, sharing facilities, and expanding access to extracurricular activities.

We also work with high-performing charter management organizations that are exploring technology which ensures students are learning key skills and concepts in the right sequence with plenty of support and immediate feedback.

District-Charter Compact Cities

District Charter Compact Cities

Lumicore Group Members

  1. Achievement First
  2. Alliance College Ready Public Schools
  3. Aspire Public Schools
  4. Denver School of Science and Technology
  5. Green Dot
  6. IDEA
  7. KIPP
  8. Mastery
  9. Match Education
  10. New Paradigm
  11. Noble
  12. PUC
  13. Strive
  14. Success Academies
  15. Summit Public Schools
  16. Uncommon
  17. Uplift
  18. YES Prep