Celebrating Student-Ready Schools

We believe that a high quality education is a bridge to opportunity and a driver of economic mobility like no other. As schools around the country prepare to welcome students, and students zip up their backpacks and cross items off their back-to-school lists, let’s celebrate them and their teachers and leaders. Working together, they’re creating student-ready schools that are prepared to help all kids succeed.

This Back to School season, learn about some incredible schools that are using data-driven insights to support teachers and students, and combining that with high expectations that help all kids reach their full potential.

Path to Success in Solorio

Eric Solorio Academy High School is a neighborhood school in a high-poverty area of Chicago serving 98% minority students, including many undocumented students. The school is also putting its students on a path to be successful in high school and beyond. Solorio students are outpacing the Chicago Public Schools average on college entrance exams, and are more likely to graduate from high school, to earn college credit while in high school, and to enroll in college after graduation. See how the commitment of adults, and support for teachers and students is translating into impressive gains for this award-winning school.

*Closed captions available in English and Spanish. To view with subtitles, click on the “CC” button on the video. To change languages, click on the settings icon.

Student Gains in Santiago

How did Santiago High School in Garden Grove, California go from having fewer than 30 percent of its students ready for college in 2005 to over 50 percent today? A commitment to continuous improvement, high expectations, and using student data and information to improve teaching and learning. Check out the video to see how Santiago has made significant gains for its students.

*Closed captions available in English and Spanish. To view with subtitles, click on the “CC” button on the video. To change languages, click on the settings icon.

More Back to School Content

I Want Students to See Many Different Futures

Bill talks with Camille Jones, the 2017 Washington State Teacher of the Year, about how her school’s fantastic approach allows her to work with more than 400 students each year and give them an opportunity to make the most of their talents.

How to Teach Engineering to a 5-year Old

Camille also demonstrated for Bill an exercise where she demonstrates an engineering lesson about pressure and tension using index cards, pennies, and a story to make abstract concepts, very concrete.

Resilience, Risk-Taking, and Dreaming Big

Melinda passes on lessons she’s learned by visiting schools and meeting students and teachers over the past year or so. These inspiring stories will help readers reflect on back-to-school season and what their children need to succeed.

A Principal’s Perspective from a “Student-Ready” School

Solorio Academy High School is keeping students on track to graduation and preparing them for success. To learn more about the approaches Solorio is using to drive student success, the president of the foundation’s U.S. Program, Allan Golston, sat down for a conversation with Solorio’s principal, Victor Iturralde.