Bill Gates at the 61st Annual Fall Conference
of the Council of the Great City Schools

A great K-12 education and a college degree or job-training credential is a bridge to opportunity like no other when it comes to good jobs and career paths, and personal growth and fulfillment. And that is why our #1 priority was—and still is—ensuring that all students get  a great public education and graduate with the skills to succeed in the workplace.

At the Council of the Great City Schools 61st Annual Fall Conference, our co-chair Bill Gates reflects on our work in education—where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and where we’re headed.

A Catalyst of Good Ideas

Bill Gates reflects on our role as a catalyst of good ideas and how a continued partnership with educators, policymakers, and others will help all students, especially low-income students and students of color, succeed.

The K-12 Strategy

Bill Gates outlines the K-12 strategy and our investments moving forward, focusing on networks of schools, aligned-curriculum and professional development, charters, and innovative research.

Networks for School Improvement

Bill Gates talks about our investments to support partnerships between networks of schools and school support organizations, working together to solve common problems by using evidence-based interventions and data-driven continuous learning.

Additional Resources

Start a Response to the RFI on Networks for School Improvement

We want to hear from intermediaries of networks of secondary schools that have successfully engaged in continuous improvement.

Learn More About Our Work

Alongside our partners, we seek to ensure that all students get a great public education so they have the skills and knowledge to succeed in the workplace. Read more about our K-12 strategy.

Bill Gates’ Speech—Remarks As Prepared

Read Bill’s speech from the Council of the Great City Schools 61st Annual Fall Conference.