Our work aims to help more students graduate from high school with the skills they need to enroll, succeed, and complete college.

To reach their full potential, students need to be challenged by high standards and have access to high-quality aligned curriculum, materials, and tools.

Essential to student success is a great teacher. That’s why we aim to provide teachers with the support they need, as well as opportunities for collaboration and to share best practices.

There are many effective models in classrooms across the country. Personalized learning is one powerful way schools are sparking a love of learning, empowering students and accelerating achievement.

Through these efforts, our goal is to improve educational outcomes for all students.

Common Core

Implementing high expectations and standards for student learning in literacy and mathematics

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Teacher Engagement

Connecting educators to each other and their schools

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Effective Teaching

Understanding what makes a teacher effective in increasing student achievement

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Student Achievement

Measuring student progress

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Personalized Learning

Fostering a love of learning through tailored instruction

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High-quality Aligned Instructional Materials

Supporting the development of high-quality, aligned curriculum and tools

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