Expanding the teacher toolkit

High-quality aligned instructional materials support teachers as they help students learn and succeed.

Unfortunately, too many teachers don’t have access to the tools they need—so they spend hours searching for and adapting materials. This is particularly true for teachers of English learners and students performing below grade level, as well as those in high-poverty schools.

To ensure teachers have high quality, aligned instructional materials, our partners are working to:

  • Provide objective evaluations of curriculum so that schools and teachers can pick the best resources
  • Provide high-quality open education resources that are free and shareable
  • Develop, curate, and distribute existing—and new—high-quality standards aligned content for teachers

States and school districts around the country are aligning instructional materials to high standards and adopting tools to support teaching, and seeing a positive impact on student learning.

Most importantly: coupled with professional learning, a focus on aligned instructional materials is having a positive impact on student learning. Louisiana’s fourth-grade students achieved the highest growth among all states in reading and the second highest growth in math.

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