Every student is unique

In personalized learning settings—which happen inside and outside the classroom—teachers assess students’ strengths and needs in order to better align their teaching with each student’s learning style and interests while maintaining high standards.

We also know that digital tools can help teachers personalize learning by:

  • Allowing teachers to determine what a student doesn’t understand so that they can better target interventions to help students get back on track
  • Simultaneously help multiple students who may be at different levels of mastery so that students can progress through content at their own pace without worrying about being too far behind (or ahead) of their classmates
  • Enabling students to take ownership of their learning and understand how they learn, so they can be better equipped to take action, set goals, and determine what support they need

We know that personalized learning approaches can work. But we need to better understand which specific tools and strategies most closely correlate with improved outcomes for students. That’s why we’re working to share what we are learning and making investments to bring personalized learning approaches to scale—so they can reach the students who need them most.

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