Designing Teacher Evaluation Systems: New Guidance from the Measures of Effective Teaching Project

Designing Teacher Evaluation Systems

This free eBook features 15 new studies by MET project partners using the MET project’s extensive data set.

Why Measure Effective Teaching?

Real improvement requires quality measurement. Without stepping on the bathroom scale once or twice a week, we have little hope of knowing whether our efforts at diet and exercise are moving us in the right direction. To be sure, that information alone may not be enough to truly drive different action and, therefore, improved results. We need feedback on our efforts and guidance about what we’re doing well and what to do differently. But the number on the scale is a necessary starting place. The same goes for efforts to improve teaching. Teaching and learning will not improve if we fail to give teachers high-quality feedback based on accurate assessments of their instruction as measured against clear standards for what is known to be effective. Without quality measurement of effective teaching, school administrators are left blind when making critical personnel and assignment decisions in an effort to achieve the goal of college readiness for all students. Lacking good data on teaching effectiveness, system leaders are at a loss when assessing the return on professional development dollars.