Request for Information on Networks for School Improvement

Thank you for your interest in the RFI on Networks for School Improvement.

The RFI is now closed.

We will share our findings in January of 2018. Please reach out to with any questions

Good schools make a difference in students’ lives. Research tells us that effective leaders and teachers—who create supportive school communities with the culture and practices to solve problems together—create student agency and provide students with rigorous instruction that accelerates their success. We believe when teams of educators within schools and across schools work collaboratively with communities and have a strong partnership with families to solve common problems and continuously improve, change will be more enduring.

Many secondary school educators and building leaders have begun harnessing the learning power of a network, teaming up with other schools and engaging intermediaries outside of their own building to think deeply about the process a network of practitioners can use to get better collectively, a process referred to as “continuous improvement.” Continuous improvement is a process for addressing a specific problem of practice by developing, testing, and refining promising solutions. Teams who are engaged in continuous improvement use meaningful and varied data and research to (a) deeply understand a problem, (b) set an improvement goal, and (c) test multiple solutions to address the problem and reach their improvement goal.

We’re asking for your help. We want to hear from intermediaries of networks of secondary schools that have successfully engaged in continuous improvement. Our goal is to learn more about how to support secondary Networks for School Improvement to improve postsecondary outcomes for more Black, Latino, and/or low-income students.

If you are part of an organization that has participated in or led a network of schools to address a shared problem of practice, we’d love to hear from you.


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