We believe that all students deserve a high-quality public education that provides them with the opportunity to succeed. That is why a key part of our strategy is investing in high-quality public schools and districts committed to helping all students succeed.

We accomplish this by ensuring that teachers have access to relevant and engaging professional learning opportunities, and supporting school leaders in offering practical, high-quality, actionable feedback.

Public charter schools are one important tool, within the broader public education system, that can improve student learning. Our grantmaking is focused on encouraging collaboration between public charters and district public schools, so that teachers and leaders can share best practices and the entire education ecosystem can improve to better meet students’ needs.

Through grantmaking, we continue to learn from—and share with the field—what’s working for students who are excelling in public charter schools.

Instructional Leadership

Helping school leaders support educators to improve classroom teaching

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Professional Learning

Supporting educators to improve their practice through strategies and tools

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Teacher Feedback

Providing high-quality, meaningful, and actionable feedback for educators

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Educator Preparation

Equipping educators with skills they need to be prepared in the classroom

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Charter Schools

Learning from the work of public charter schools

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