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An Overview of Interim Findings from the Intensive Partnership for Effective Teaching

In 2009, through the Intensive Partnerships for Effective Teaching initiative, we invested in three school districts: Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida; Memphis City Schools, Tennessee; and Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pennsylvania, and a group of charter management organizations (CMOs): Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, California; Aspire Public Schools, California; Green Dot Public Schools, California; and Partnerships to Uplift Communities. They committed to…

In Their Own Words: Teacher Narratives

In Their Own Words originated from the desire to better understand teachers’ ideas, to hear them describe their experiences in their own voices, unfiltered. We closely analyzed what teachers were saying online from January to May 2014. We looked at over 2,400 blogs, 12,600 tweets, and 16,900 Edchats to get a sense of teachers’ views of their work.