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Personalized learning creates deeper teacher-student bonds because the teacher has to know the student to customize a program and offer advice. Technology can help personalize learning and bring students and teachers closer together—particularly when teachers get a chance to help design the technology to better meet learners’ needs. When teachers get a chance to help design the technology it makes their teaching better.

Technology can make it easier for students to find their interests, bring in immersive experience that a traditional classroom can’t deliver, and connect students to technical expertise that a teacher may not have. Technology is not just a way for students to pursue their interests; it is way for them to discover their interests. We’re committed to improving the quality and availability of digital content and tools so that teachers can have confidence in the products they use, and to ensure that K-12 systems put in place the right programs, processes, and structures to bring these tools to the classroom. Our funding priorities emphasize personalized learning initiatives that bring in teachers as designers—and allow them to customize the way the programs are used in the classroom.

Teachers Know Best

Teachers Know Best









Teachers Know Best is a multi-year research effort to better understand how teachers use digital instructional tools and how these tools can be improved to foster personalized learning.

Technology can be an accelerator of gains in education as long as it’s understood that technology must not be elevated above its purpose—which is to support the teacher and improve instruction. So how do we make sure technology supports teaching? Ask the teachers. Read more >