Teacher Networks

Teachers collaborating

Providing teachers with opportunities to learn from each other as they work to implement college and career ready standards is at the heart of the Teacher Networks. The Networks provide the space for teachers to trade ideas, tools, and successes with their colleagues. Teaching becomes not an isolated pursuit, but a shared enterprise. The power of a great teacher is not confined to a group of students, but leaps out of the classroom, spreads across the country, and elevates the whole profession.

The foundation currently supports 35+ teacher-trusted grantees through the Teacher Networks strategy. Working together, teachers are accelerating efforts to improve instruction and effectively implement higher standards through the following three components: Learn, Connect, and Lead.

The development of tools aligned to the Common Core State Standards, resources, and professional development. The goal of Learn activities is to build awareness of the standards and the instructional shifts involved in teaching to them.

Efforts to connect teachers to one another, digitally and in person. The goal of Connect activities is to provide teachers with a forum to exchange challenges, successes, and tools and resources related to college readiness instruction.

Initiatives to build cadres of teacher leaders within a network. The goal of Lead activities is to equip teacher leaders to develop resources and guide professional learning opportunities for other teachers.