Preparing New Teachers

Young teacher with math students

The heart of learning is the connection between teachers and students. Particularly for teachers new to the classroom, the challenges in front of them at times can appear to be vast. At the foundation, we are dedicated to supporting teachers as they learn to manage all the changes coming at them while never losing focus on ensuring that their students succeed.

Every year, more than 250,000 new teachers enter the workforce, and it is estimated that more than two million new teachers are needed by 2020. We are committed to supporting all teachers – particularly those just entering the profession – and working to find the most effective ways to help them improve their practice. In the coming years, we foresee many opportunities for partnership in the field of teacher preparation with a variety of organizations that are committed to supporting new teachers.

Through extensive work with teachers and experts in the field, we have identified several key components of high quality teacher preparation approaches. Our investments will be guided by high-quality programs that:

  • Commit to continuous improvement
  • Build competency through practice
  • Are informed by K-12 systems and the communities they serve
  • Ensure their teacher educators are effective
  • Enable conditions that both compel and build demand for change.