Quality Educational Tools

Teacher helps students on laptops

As teachers work diligently every day to find effective ways to reach and inspire their students – we are working to ensure that they are equipped with the best educational tools, services, products, and ideas. Teachers don’t have time to waste on outdated or out-of-touch materials. That’s why we support the efforts of our partners to create new materials developed by teachers for teachers.

We also want to help schools, districts, and educators effectively determine and articulate their needs and wants so they acquire the products that will give them what will work best for them. There are countless products available in the education marketplace and we work to help education professionals decipher between good and bad tools, as well as navigate the crowded and overwhelming arena of education tools.

The education field is unlike any other market in that simply getting a product out there and making it available to the public isn’t good enough. We also need to help navigate the implementation issues that prevent excellent products from coming to life. Teachers have told us what they need and our partners are giving them the tools, collaboration opportunities, and professional development they deserve.

Teachers Know BestTKB_small_Drop shadow
Teachers Know Best highlights feedback from 1,300 education professionals about their professional development. The Boston Consulting Group conducted a research study on professional development for teachers to help identify needs and opportunities for improvement. Subsequent research included a survey of 1,600 additional teachers.

Common Assignment StudyCAS
The Common Assignment Study (CAS) is an opportunity to build new knowledge about how teacher collaboration and peer feedback can support the development and use of high-quality curricula and improve the expectations for and quality of student work aligned to college- and career-ready standards. Through the CAS, led by the Colorado Education Initiative and The Fund for Transforming Education, teachers from Colorado and Kentucky work together to design common units of study that are aligned with college and career ready standards. The goal is for teachers to collaboratively design units that include common pre-assessment, mid-assessment, and post-assessment assignments.

PDredesign offers a digital community where educators can come together to learn from one another and improve their practice. In this space, education professionals can better understand and identify their strengths and priorities for growth, analyze resources and gaps in priority areas, leverage best practices and tools to make their plans come to life, and find districts and partners working on applicable solutions.

Timewise: School by DesignSchoolbydesign
Timewise: School by Design helps districts find time within existing schedules by making the most of available resources to create smarter master schedules. The software combines information—including staff numbers and role descriptions, graduation requirements, student achievement data, and bell schedules—to produce options to restructure existing resources to align with priority goals. Specifically, this tool helped our partner districts identify time within their existing school day to devote to evidence-based, teacher-driven professional development opportunities.