Solutions for the future

We are focused on solutions for the future by advancing research and development in education technology and learning science to accelerate progress for underserved students. Initially, we plan to support grantees’ efforts to transform middle school math instruction to ensure every 8th grade student successfully masters Algebra 1. We prioritized middle school math because algebra is the single biggest barrier to on time high school graduation. Students who don’t complete Algebra have less than a 20% chance of graduating high school ready for college or career. These students then are funneled into remedial education and are much less likely to persist in post-secondary programs.

We are also interested in how to increase dramatically the number of Black, Latino, and low-income high school students accessing technology and engineering coursework and credentialing pathways with future labor market value. To accomplish this, we will reinforce support for existing efforts to improve computer science access and provide quality programs; support research to better understand mindset and identity issues of Black and Latino students in STEM and use the findings to establish evidence-based interventions and practices; and selectively invest in innovative models that change how students acquire new skills and are recognized by employers.