Equipping educators for success from Day One

The need to train new, effective teachers and leaders is particularly pronounced in low-income communities and communities schools that serve Black and Latino students. These schools have higher numbers of inexperienced teachers and teachers who turn over in higher percentages.  From research, we know better-prepared teachers are more than twice as likely to remain in the classroom.

In collaboration with experts in the field and based on our current investments in the Teacher Prep Transformation Centers, we have defined a set of quality principles to define teacher and leader preparation: preparation programs build educator competency through practice; demonstrate a commitment to using data about candidate performance to make decisions; ensure those training candidates are effective; and are responsive to K-12 schools and the communities they serve.

Going forward, we will support organizations that partner with programs to prepare teachers and school leaders to better serve low-income students and students of color. This builds on our past work supporting teacher prep programs and our ongoing commitment to empowering and supporting strong, capable teachers and principals as leaders in driving improvement in schools and classrooms.

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