Our goal is to significantly increase the number of Black, Latino, and low-income students who earn a high school diploma, enroll in a postsecondary institution, and are on track in their first year to obtain a credential with labor-market value.

To get there, our next chapter is driven by a direct focus on schools, because that’s where the action of teaching and learning happens. Excellent schools—led by leaders who focus on continuous improvement grounded in data and evidence—are what help students succeed most.

We know that the best ideas come from the people doing the work in the field. We want to learn from organizations that have already demonstrated outstanding outcomes. To do that, we are releasing a number of Requests for Information (RFIs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs).


There are currently no open opportunities.


RFP: Model Design and Initiation

This RFP aims to help build the capacity of organizations with deep roots in their local communities to contribute to the implementation of continuous improvement processesLearn more.


RFP: Teacher Preparation

This RFP aims to understand the barriers and opportunities for making sustainable, high-quality teacher preparation accessible to prospective candidates. Learn more.


RFI and RFP: Networks for School Improvement

Over the next several years, the foundation intends to release multiple RFPs for applications to lead Networks for School Improvement (NSIs). This is the first of those opportunities, and we are soliciting applications only from Intermediaries at this stage. Grants will be made directly to Intermediaries. Learn more about what we learned in the RFI phase which resulted in 278 responses.


RFP: Data Sourcing Partner

Our Data Sourcing Partner (DSP) will work with the foundation, the Networks for School Improvement, and the evaluation partners to support data collection and delivery. Application period is closed. Learn more.


RFI: Bright Spots in Middle Years Math

The Bright Spots RFI seeks to identify existing breakthrough programs, models, platforms or tools, supporting Black, Latino, and low-income students to achieve high performance in middle-years mathematics and/or approaches that support teachers to become highly effective in teaching math. This RFI is closed. Learn more about what we learned from this RFI.


RFP: The “To and Through” Advising Challenge

An overwhelming majority of students, across all subgroups, aspire to complete some form of postsecondary education. But, many never enroll, and among those who do, far too few actually obtain a degree or credential. The Advising Challenge will support up to 20 school systems to enact the conditions & develop capabilities needed to adopt a “to and through” approach to advising for high school students. This RFP is closed and grantees have been selected. Learn more. 


RFI: Advanced Education Research & Development Programs 

In this RFI, jointly issued with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, we were seeking ideas for work that can help increase student success in three of the most critically important areas for student achievement: mathematics, nonfiction writing, and executive function. Learn more about what we learned from this RFI.


RFP: Networks for School Improvement (Late 2018)

This second NSI RFP seeks to expand the outcomes and indicators that networks are working on to include outcome areas addressing College Readiness, High School College Access and Postsecondary On-Track. We hope to identify up to four experienced intermediary organizations to receive large “Type 1” grants, of 3-5 years’ duration, to help schools use Continuous Improvement techniques to to address these specific problems. Learn more.


RFP: Principal Preparation Transformation Center

We are interested in identifying and supporting “Principal Preparation Transformation Centers” with the credibility and capacity to support a network of principal preparation programs that are committed to working together to strengthen all aspects of their model in the service of increasing the number of diverse, effective new school principals. This RFP is closed. Learn more.


RFP: Professional Learning Partnerships

The Professional Learning Partnerships to advance professional learning services supporting implementation of high quality instructional materials was open January 7, and closed March 8, 2019.  The awards will support professional learning (PL) partnerships among applicant teams that can include curriculum authors, professional development service providers, local education agencies, intermediate units, and/or other entities. PL partnerships will implement high-quality, core instructional materials in middle and high school math; middle and high school English language arts; or middle school science as defined by the NextGenTime rubric in ways that are efficacious for students who are Black, Latino, EL-designated, and/or low-income; and that are by design affordable and adoptable at scale. The RFP is particularly interested in supporting efforts that take place in California, Florida, Georgia, New York, and North Carolina. Eligible applicant partnerships testing services in other geographies must include an LEA serving at least 50,000 students. Learn more.


RFP: Networks for School Improvement (Spring, 2019)

Our third Networks for School Improvement invited applicants to address student outcomes from our full list of predictive outcomes. Similar to our first round, we are making funding available for larger, longer Validation/Impact grants (similar in scope to Type 1 grants from our first two NSI RFPs) as well as smaller, shorter Model Design and Initiation grants, suitable for promising organizations seeking to build their capacity to lead an NSI. Learn more.


RFP: Texas Education Agency Educator Preparation Program Data Systems Integration

This RFP sought proposals to define, develop, and implement a technology solution for Educator Preparation Programs in Texas. This is a technology pilot that includes some planning and support for a full production rollout. Learn more.