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Merit Prep Personalizes Learning One Playlist at a Time

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Survey Says: Parents are Willing Partners on Personalized Learning, But We Must Engage Them

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Tools to Help School Leaders Make Smart Staffing Decisions

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Networks for School Improvement: When Schools Learn, Students Learn


Shaving Cream, Supply, and Demand

May 10, 2015

Andrew Hull is a social studies teacher at Palmyra Area High in Pennsylvania. He teaches AP microeconomics, economics, and sports history and serves as the head coach for the boys’ soccer team. When I was hired as a social studies teacher at Palmyra Area High School in 2013, the department…

Kentucky Leads the Way with Common Core

May 10, 2015

As the first state to adopt the Common Core, Kentucky has managed a remarkably smooth and successful transition. After four years, test scores are improving and the high school graduation rate is up 87 percent, beating the national average. But success didn’t happen overnight. “It takes about five years for teachers…

Teachers Know Best

May 11, 2015

The goal of Teachers Know Best is to bring the perspectives of teachers to developers who are creating digital tools for the classroom. Moving from anecdotes of what digital instructional tools teachers want and need to actual, solid data, will help us to better understand how teachers use digital technology in the classroom, and…

When Districts and Charters Partner—the Sky is the Limit

May 11, 2015

Districts and charter schools across the country are coming together in partnership, sharing best practices and resources while helping each other problem-solve with the goal of improving outcomes for every child they serve. The SKY partnership is a collaboration uniting two charter school networks (KIPP and YES Prep), and the Spring…