Networks for School Improvement: Year One Review Event

Networks for School Improvement: Year One Review Event 

Tuesday, July 16 at 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. ET

Thank you for joining the NSI Year One Review event livestream. We’re near Washington, D.C. with more than 300 of our partners—grantees, educators, and school support organizations—to learn and share experiences around launching a network. Since August 2018, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has made grants to 21 organizations working with middle and high schools across 13 states to improve outcomes for Black, Latino, and low-income students. We’re excited to gather and share what our grantees are doing to date and what we are learning from their efforts. Read more about our learning.

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8:30am        Welcome: Opening Remarks

Bob Hughes, Director of K-12 Education, U.S. Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

8:50am        Panel Discussion: Exploring the NSI Work in Baltimore City Public Schools

This session takes you inside the NSI work happening in Baltimore City Public Schools. First, City Schools’ CEO Sonja Santelises will discuss the district’s Blueprint for Success and outline their overarching priorities. Dr. Santelises will then be joined by school and district leaders in a panel co-moderated by a City Schools student to share reflections on how City Schools’ Literacy Intensive Learning sites are using continuous improvement to accelerate literacy and how the work is taking shape in schools.

  • Teresa Rivero, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Co-Moderator)
  • Bryce Taylor, Student, Baltimore City Public Schools (Co-Moderator)
  • Sonja Santelises, CEO, Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Alison Ambrose, Teacher, Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary/Middle School, Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Kamala Carnes, Principal, Briscoe Academy, Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Janise Lane, Executive Director, Teaching and Learning, Baltimore City Public Schools
  • James Thurman, Literacy Coach, Baltimore City Public Schools

9:50am        Panel Discussion: How Networks for School Improvement Are Using Key Outcomes and Indicators

While the foundation’s long-term goal in funding the NSI initiative is to impact degree and credential completion, each NSI focuses on student indicators tied to key milestones along the journey to get there. Learn about the indicators this set of NSIs are focusing on to improve outcomes for Black, Latino, and low-income students.

  • Jennifer Husbands, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Moderator)
  • Jenny Nagaoka, Deputy Director, University of Chicago Consortium on School Research
  • Mark Dunetz, President, New Visions for Public Schools
  • Katie Suter, Senior Manager of College Match, KIPP Foundation
  • Sarah Howard, Senior Director, Partner Schools Network, Network for College Success

10:35am       Break

10:50am       Reflections

Tracy Fray-Oliver, Senior Associate Vice President, Bank Street Education Center

11:05am       Panel Discussion: Continuous Improvement in Action

Continuous improvement can take many forms and has been used in sectors including education, healthcare and manufacturing. Learn from a panel of practitioners from within and beyond education who apply continuous improvement and stakeholder engagement to solve complex challenges.

  • Wendy Sauer, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Moderator)
  • Conrad Mitchell, Founder & Director, The Patient Advocate Mission
  • Nick Rodriguez, Consultant, DeliverEd
  • Erin Moore, Community Engagement Specialist, Shift-Results

11:50am      Lunch

Networking & Observations

An opportunity to network and discuss the topics covered thus far. Additionally, please write down questions and observations on sticky notes at your table and put them on the easels around the room.

What questions have come to mind during the sessions? What comments and reflections do you want to share with the foundation? Now is your chance to share your thoughts, read what others are thinking, and inform the foundation’s thinking coming out of the event.

1:00pm        Reflections

Dr. Derek S. Mitchell, Chief Executive Officer, Partners in School Innovation

1:20pm        Panel Discussion: Supporting School Improvement

Hear about the importance of context and place in supporting schools as teams of teachers, leaders, and coaches use continuous improvement practices to examine the root causes of the challenges they are tackling.

  • Vivian Mihalakis, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Moderator)
  • Juli Coleman, Deputy Chief of Improvement, CORE Districts
  • Ryan Mick, Vice President, School Design and Improvement, City Year,
  • Michelle Bowman, Associate Director, Communities, Learning Forward
  • Rosa E. Apodaca, Interim Executive Director & Senior Fellow, Institute for Learning, University of Pittsburgh

2:00pm        Reflections

Tina Fernandez, Executive Director, Achieve Atlanta

2:20pm        Bringing It All Together: Guided Table Discussions

Moderated by Bob Hughes

3:00pm        Closing