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Survey Says: Parents are Willing Partners on Personalized Learning, But We Must Engage Them

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Merit Prep Personalizes Learning One Playlist at a Time

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Teacher Appreciation Week: Showing Students the Sky’s the Limit

May 6, 2016 | Teacher Engagement

Rockets that fly 20 miles high. Prosthetic devices created with a 3-D printer. Food scrap that is converted into fuel. These might sound like the work of scientists or maybe projects from a graduate school program. In fact, these are the types of challenges students solve in Dr. Nghia Le’s…

Nonprofit Quarterly: Scale and Sustainability—What’s a Funder to Do?

February 10, 2016 | Student Achievement

By Carina Wong, K-12 Deputy Director, for Nonprofit Quarterly Whether you work at a small operating foundation or for the world’s largest grantmaking one, “scale” and “sustainability” are two words that likely have dominated more than a few staff meetings. That’s not surprising, since both are important indicators of an…