We believe that all lives have equal value and that every person should have the chance to live a healthy and productive life. We know that a high-quality public education is a bridge to opportunity like no other in this country—particularly when it comes to good jobs and career paths, social mobility, and personal growth and fulfilment. Our work in education is driven by the guiding principle that all students—especially low-income students and students of color—must have access to this bridge to opportunity. 

Our work is also driven by a direct focus on schools, because that’s where the action of teaching and learning happens. We’ve learned that excellent schools—led by leaders who focus on continuous improvement grounded in data and evidence—are what help students succeed most. We focus our grantmaking on supporting schools in their work to improve student outcomes by partnering with middle and high schools and identifying new approaches that are effective and that can take root in other schools.

We do this by investing in networks of schools to solve common problems schools face by using data-driven continuous improvement to identify evidence-based interventions that best fit their needs. We also invest in ensuring that teachers have what they need to be successful—high-quality preparation and standards-aligned instructional materials, accompanied by professional learning opportunities. And we’ll keep our eyes on the horizon, advancing long-term innovation, research and development focused on ideas and practices with the potential to significantly change the trajectory of student learning outcomes over the next 10 to 15 years.

Networks for School Improvement

Investing in networks of schools to solve common problems schools face using evidence-based interventions and data-driven continuous learning

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Educator Preparation

Supporting teacher and leader preparation using the quality principles identified by the Teacher Preparation Transformation Centers

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High-Quality Charter Schools

Expanding the number of high-quality charter schools with new focus on improving outcomes for students with disabilities

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Aligned-Instructional Materials

Investing in the development of high-quality, aligned curriculum and tools, and supporting professional learning opportunities for educators

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Social Emotional Learning

Building the evidence base for social and emotional learning, and translating research into best practices

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Stronger Pathways

Supporting efforts to help more students transition from high school to college, career, and beyond

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Big Bets in Innovation

Investing in solutions for the future by advancing research and development in education technology and learning science to accelerate progress for underserved students

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